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Visiting Locomotives

& Rolling Stock

We love hosting visiting locomotives from other clubs. We have a 7 1/4" guage, ground level track, with a hoist to aid in loading.
Below are some of our guidlines for visiting locomotives.
Subject to CLS inspection & approval.

Tracks and Wheels

We use the British Narrow-Gauge standard: (Traincraft is also very simillar.)
See 7 1/4" Gauge Society Standards

Back to Back: 171.5mm
Gauge: 185mm

Tightest Radius: 20m (approx)

Steam Trains

Ensure you bring with you, your boiler certificate, and that it is current.


Bring with you, your club-issued drivers license for sighting.

Rolling Stock

Bring with you the current warrant of fitness, issued by your local club.

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